Delicates Gastro Boutique was founded not so long time ago, but have already found its regular customers. The idea of creating  online foodstore for quality fresh gourmet products appeared together with growing caviar and sturgeon at own farm in Ukraine. We wanted to make available buying your favorite products from any place of Ukraine through the Internet.

Growing sturgeon in Ukraine, selling high-quality caviar prepared according to international standards, we found other Ukrainian farms, which have various kinds of products and closely following its quality and  taste. Thus was born the idea to please you with diverse assortment of delicious and quality products: caviar, meat,fish, snails, cheese etc. As well we decided to include in Delicates Gastro Boutique assortment  such loved and worldwide known French and Italian truffles, flounder and smelt from the Pacific Ocean, oriental spices, and other products from all around the world that are appreciated by real taste connoisseurs.

Today in our shop there are such product categories as caviar, fish, mussels and crustaceanstrufflemeatcheesepastaseasonings and spicesfruits and nuts and other products. In caviar category you can buy fresh sturgeon caviar that is grown at Ukrainian sturgeon farm “Bester”, salmon caviar, pike caviar, usual for  French gourmets and gaining popularity in Ukraine — snail caviar. In fish category there are such tasty products as smoked sturgeon, sterlet, eel, stockfish smelt and flounder with caviar. In “mussles and crustaceans” you can find Burgundy snails, Limousin snails, snail Slyusarro, crab meat. In meat category different types of bushmeat from  the Ukrainian hunting area, such as ostrich, deer, wild boar, duck and other. Also you may find fragrant spices, dried fruits and nuts of best quality. There is amount of tasty products in category “other”, that always filled with new gourmet food.Soon you will have the great possibility to experience the taste of foie gras and different types of farmers and classic cheeses.

To get the chosen product to your house usually takes few hours. We try to please the request of every our customer and arrange delivery in the most convenient time for you. Some products should be pre-ordered, but our manager warn you about this.

Every day we are looking for new delicious products for our clients and add new them in our Internet Boutique. So we welcome you to experience your favorite food!

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